Travis King is a wedding and lifestyle photographer from Cape Town . He has been in business for over 9 years and needed to improve his online presence. We opted for a straightforward 1-page design, that’s easy to navigate and works well on all screens.

  • 1-Page design
  • Whtasapp Web Integration
  • On page SEO
  • Social Media Integration

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The Challenge

Photography is a very saturated market and it is very difficult to stand out. Barriers to entry are low so competition is rife.

The client wanted a simple and straightforward user experience with an emphasis on the imagery.

The purpose of the site is to drive engagement on social media and ultimately get bookings for wedding and lifestyle shoots

The Solution

After researching the client’s competitors we agreed that a left hand navigation menu on a 1-page design would be best.

The flow of the website is to tell a story and engage the visitor’s curiosity.

We incorporated whatsapp web functionality to enable visitors to chat directly with Travis King.